Natalie Wood has some very weird wooden furniture for her house

  • September 27, 2021

The new wooden furniture at Natalie Wood’s home is a bit of a departure from her normal home decor, but it still works for her.

“I like to decorate with wood, because it feels really cozy,” Wood told Engadgets.

“The wood is the perfect balance of warmth and warmth.”

Wood said she got the idea for the wooden furniture while shopping for a new bed, and it seemed a good fit.

“It’s got that little bit of warmth, and there’s a little bit more wood, and the bed has a little extra room in it,” Wood said.

“There’s a bit more room in the side of the bed, a little more room up there.

So the wood has that little touch of warmth.”

She added that the design makes it a bit difficult to move, which she found a bit frustrating.

“You’re like, ‘I’m just not sure I want to put my arms on it,'” Wood said of the furniture.

“But I think the design was so good, I thought, ‘Oh, I can just put my hands on it.'”

The new furniture was inspired by the original furniture from the old wood cabinet, which was purchased from a local furniture store.

“When I was looking for the right piece, I saw this old wood shelf that had a little cabinet that had wooden tables that were kind of the same size,” Wood recalled.

“So I was like, this is what I need.”

Wood then went to the local home improvement store and purchased the furniture in hopes of getting a more contemporary look.

She said that she found it to be very well made, but she found the wooden tables to be a bit weird.

“They kind of have a very strange feel to them,” Wood explained.

Wood said that the tables are also made with different styles of wood. “

And the whole way the table is built, it’s very high and very narrow, like a cross between a traditional dining table and a traditional cabinet,” Wood added.

Wood said that the tables are also made with different styles of wood.

“Some are really hard, like the big ones that are really high, like maple,” Wood continued.

“Others are kind of soft and light and fluffy, like cherry.

And there’s this one that’s really soft, and I’m not sure what the story is behind it.”

Wood’s new furniture is on the smaller side.

The tables are only 3.5 inches in diameter, but Wood said the furniture is still very comfortable and has been designed with that in mind.

Wood says that she plans to use the furniture for more than just decorating, though.

She also plans to add a full kitchen for the space.

Wood plans to create a dining table in the dining room, which is a favorite spot in her home, and she plans on adding a table for a larger dining table to complete the home.

Wood’s plans to move into her new home are a lot different than her previous home.

“My previous home was just this big, really weird, old house, and now it’s like, OK, I’m moving in, and everything’s just different,” Wood lamented.

“This new house is much more modern, more modern in its design.”

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