Which NFL players are the healthiest?

  • September 30, 2021

A few days after a player went into cardiac arrest, a New York Times investigation found that almost all of them are healthy, but there’s one outlier: the NFL’s reigning All-Pro cornerback.

Melissa Wood, a former NFL player turned health blogger, spoke with NBC News to explore the health of the league’s stars.

Wood said her investigation found a wide variety of health problems among players, including some who have had heart attacks or strokes.

She cited the case of New England Patriots cornerback Logan Ryan, who had a heart attack and collapsed during the Super Bowl LI win over the Indianapolis Colts in February.

The NFL said that Ryan did not suffer a serious injury and that he was treated at an area hospital for a minor chest infection.

Ryan’s doctor, Dr. Steven A. Smith, told Wood that Ryan was able to resume practicing the next day and play in the game.

But Smith also said Ryan’s condition improved after the game and he returned to the team the following week.

Ryan played in Super Bowl XLVIII against the Indianapolis Pacers, but he was sidelined for most of the game after a collision with New Orleans Saints wide receiver Deion Branch.

Wood reported that after the incident, Ryan received a blood transfusion from an assistant trainer, and he played in the next game.

Wood also noted that several other players have had serious heart attacks.

She wrote that Cowboys running back DeMarco Murray, who was out of football last year, suffered a heart condition while playing in 2014.

The Cowboys also suspended Murray for the season after he had a blood clot in his chest.

Wood concluded that many of the NFL players have been exposed to a high level of toxins during their careers.

She said some of them have died from those exposures, including a number of players who have been diagnosed with a number by their doctors.

Wood did not say how many players are living with heart disease, but she wrote that she found that out from her research.

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