The world’s worst drought hits China’s rain-soaked countryside

  • July 21, 2021

China has been hit by a massive drought that has seen farmers cut back on their water use, but it has also caused damage to the country’s most iconic landscape, a rainforest that has been under severe threat for years.

The country’s largest city of Beijing, known as Beijing’s Rain Palace, was left without water last year, and some of the countrys most iconic nature areas such as the Great Wall of China, the Yangtze River and the Gobi Desert have all seen their water reserves reduced or disappeared.

Some of the most popular tourist destinations have also been affected, including Beijing’s Great Wall, the famous Forbidden City and the Forbidden City Water Park.

But the damage to China’s iconic landscape has also been felt in the countrywide countryside.

This is the most dramatic picture yet of the damage caused by the devastating drought in China.

The image is of the Yangtsze River in Beijing, which has been heavily damaged by drought.

It was once the world’s largest river, and had a population of 4.5 million, but its water levels have fallen significantly in recent years.

More than 50% of the river’s surface has been washed away, according to official figures.

The river’s water table has also dropped by more than 1,500 cubic metres, and its current level is almost 4,000 cubic metres below normal.

In addition, the city’s main water source, the Yishu river, is also in serious decline.

The city’s water treatment plant is the only one left to treat the Yangsze River, but this has already started to run out of water.

The Yishun plant is located near the Great Barrier Reef.

It supplies about a third of the worlds annual supply of water, and the Yisheng River also supplies about half of the region’s water.

It is also a major source of irrigation for the country.

It can supply up to one third of Beijing’s annual needs for drinking water, but now the Yijin River, which supplies Beijing’s wastewater treatment plants, is showing signs of drying up as well.

The Great Barrier Barrier Reef, which is about the size of England, is the world s largest natural barrier reef, and it is also suffering the effects of the drought.

Water levels in the Yichun river have dropped by 1,700 cubic metres.

The water treatment plants in Yijins dam are also running out of drinking water.

Some parts of the Great Yichu River are also losing their ability to flow at all.

The loss of water is a result of the citys water-intensive agricultural operations that rely on irrigation, which causes the river to gradually run dry.

Water-intensive farming, which means using large amounts of water to irrigate crops, is now a problem for the Yangstze, Gobi and other rivers that feed into these major water sources.

The Yangtzes dam, which provides the city with its water supply, has already lost almost 1,400 cubic metres of water since 2007.

Aerial view of the flood plain in the Yangjing region, China.

Many of the worst damage to nature in China’s most populous country has been caused by farming.

The vast majority of Chinas most important agricultural areas, including the Yangzi River, the Gobao Valley and the Yangjiang River, are all severely affected by the drought, which the country is trying to fight by reducing water use and reducing pollution.

Some areas of China have already lost more than 20% of their rain-fed water.

In many areas, it has become increasingly difficult for farmers to water their crops, and in some cases, water has even been cut off altogether.

But there are other areas that have been spared the worst of the devastation, including many of the regions famous wildlife areas, such as Yangjing and the Great Birding Festival.

It has become one of the worlds largest wildlife tourism destinations.

China is also now trying to find ways to help farmers reduce the amount of water they use to irrigates their crops.

The government has made several attempts to reduce farmers’ reliance on irrigation.

It launched a water conservation programme in 2007 and has made efforts to improve water quality, reduce pollution and improve water conservation.

The Chinese government has also made it a priority to reduce the damage that farmers have caused to nature.

In April, a government official visited Beijing to try to encourage farmers to conserve water.

He was accompanied by officials from the State Water Industry Administration, which regulates water supply and distribution.

The official was accompanied to a riverbank where he was greeted by water conservationists and locals.

The officials also gave him a water bottle, which they said would help farmers to save water.

One of the reasons that Chinese farmers are saving so much water is that it has been a long time since they have used it to grow crops, the official said.

But it is not the only reason.

According to the World Bank, in the past decade, China has seen the introduction of more than 30 measures that have

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