The Worst and Best of Earl Woods: From the ’80s to the ’90s

  • July 28, 2021

I had a lot of fun with this one.

We had a good time with the old-school version of the “Worst” list, which is a great way to celebrate the many good years of Earl Woods.

But this year we’re adding in the best of his career and a whole new chapter to the “Best.”

You can watch it here: Earl’s Worst and Worst: Earls Best and Worst.

I had no idea that I’d be making such an epic mistake in one of my favorite songs, but when I first heard it I thought, “I can’t believe this guy is still doing this.”

This is not the “best” of Earls best work.

This is the “worst” of Earl’s best work: this is the album that started it all.

The Worst of EarL Woods: from the ’70s to today (with a few notable exceptions) You might have noticed that this year I’m including two songs from the album, “You’re Not My Baby” and “Boys” from the classic album of the same name.

In my mind, I’m going to include these songs to show how great these two songs are and to highlight their unique qualities.

You might notice that I’m not including “Lazy Boy,” which I don’t consider a “best of” and I’m only including it because it’s on a compilation, so it might have been included in a different album.

In this case, it’s a classic album with great tracks.

You probably know that Earl’s work is always very personal and personal songs.

His early work is not for the weak of heart.

This album is filled with personal songs and personal emotions.

I have some personal favorites that I’ve always wanted to include on this album.

For instance, “Lick My Dick” is one of the most honest songs I’ve ever heard, as Earl puts it in the track description.

Earl’s vocals on “Licking My Dick,” though, are the most amazing.

This album is also full of great collaborations.

I’ve never heard a song like “The World Is My Castle” or “Tear My Heart Out” and these two tracks really capture the mood of this album beautifully.

Earl also worked on “I Don’t Care,” which features his best friend and fellow producer, Maseo.

While I’m always glad to see a collaboration like this, I didn’t know I’d end up including “The Love Is In the Eyes,” a song with one of his most memorable vocal moments, as a favorite.

It’s a song that everyone knows from his work on “Piano Solo,” “The Good Life” and his albums with the likes of Masea, Mike Posner, Mike Watt and Jadakiss.

Earl loved to play these songs, so I think the song is definitely worth including.

It’s not the best or worst of Earles best work, but it’s definitely a must-listen album.

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