When The Woods Were Real: The Making of the Most Famous Wood Fired Fireplace in the World

  • August 18, 2021

IGN:  James Woods, the former director of the National Forest System and former U.S. Forest Service chief, is currently writing a book about the history of the iconic firehouse.

We sat down with Woods to talk about his latest book, “Wooden Fires,” and what he thinks of the upcoming movie, “The Woods Are Real,” starring Tom Hanks and Kate Winslet.

Woods: “The Woods Were…

Real” is an absolute gem of a book.

I think I read the first three chapters in the book in one sitting.

I love the idea that we’re living in the future, so we can’t see the past.

We don’t know what the past is like, and that’s why I love it.

The book is so interesting, I’m glad I’m reading it now.

What I love about the book is that it’s about people in the 19th and early 20th centuries, and the fires in the woodlands were still very young, so it’s a lot of fire, and people in these areas of the country were not as familiar with wood as they are today.

So it was very hard for them to know how to handle wood fires, and how to control them.

Wood was still used for cooking and cooking oil, and so you had to be careful with them, and I love that there’s this fascinating relationship between fire and water and the land and the people who live there, and those of us who work with the wood.

It’s fascinating.

I think we’re in a new era right now where people are getting more interested in sustainability, and what that means in terms of what we use, how we use it, and who is responsible for it.

It makes it so much easier for us to talk to each other about this stuff.

So that’s the big thing, really.

People are still trying to figure it out.

The Woods were…

Real,” which was published by Little, Brown, and Company, is available now.

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