Man dies in stampede after visiting saola wood

  • September 26, 2021

A man who fell down a hole and landed on his girlfriend’s saola tree while hiking in India has died.

A police officer, identified as Nandan, said the man fell on Sunday evening while going to visit a saola.

The officer said Nandan’s partner was not injured in the incident and that the woman’s partner has not been identified.

He said Nanda had been on a hiking trip with his partner and her partner’s daughter.

Nandan, who works in a construction company in Chennai, was visiting a saosa tree near the city of Kottayam when he fell down the hole, police said.

He was rushed to the Kottai Nagar Medical College Hospital, but he died later.

A local news channel quoted the Kunnathur police station as saying the woman was not hurt.

The station said Nandans wife had visited him at the hospital.

Nanda had posted a Facebook status in which he said the accident happened while he was hiking with his girlfriend, who was with Nandan on the same hike.

He had also posted a picture of the saosa and wrote, “I fell on a beautiful tree with my girlfriend and my partner.”

“The girl who has not seen me in a long time has seen me for the first time,” he wrote.

Nandans sister-in-law also posted on the Facebook account that she was in the hospital and was not with her.

She also said Nandi was suffering from a heart condition.


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