How Israel used a lion as a symbol of its power

  • September 21, 2021

A lion is the latest symbol of the Israeli military’s growing power in the Middle East.

But it’s a symbol that can also be used to promote its own power and prestige, and that can be problematic in Israel.

The lion symbolizes the power of the state, and a lion can be a powerful symbol of military power, but it’s also a symbol associated with corruption.

The image of the lion, with its powerful, sharp claws, has often been used to demonize the Jewish people, even by people who don’t hold the same views as the majority of Israelis.

For example, in the United States, the lion is a symbol for the military.

It was a symbol in the late 1980s for the Reagan administration, and for the Bush administration.

In Israel, it’s now used by the Israeli army to celebrate the victories in Gaza and the West Bank, as well as to celebrate military victories.

A symbol of power in IsraelIt’s hard to say how Israel’s new lion image is connected to the new government in Tel Aviv, but the Lion of Judah, the Israeli Lion of the Year, was a popular Israeli-American symbol of national pride in the 1990s.

The Lion of Israel was also used in the Israeli flag during the 2016 elections.

The new image of a lion is in line with Israeli military policy.

The lion is seen as an icon of power, and it’s used by military and intelligence agencies in order to legitimize their own power.

And in Israel, the Lion is used as a weapon.

In a recent report by the Center for Military-Industrial Cooperation, Israel uses military imagery in the context of a new military strategy called “Operation Protective Edge,” which has been described by Israeli officials as “a war of attrition against Palestinian terrorism and resistance.”

The lion image also serves as a symbolic image of military might, and has been used by Israeli and Palestinian forces to attack the Gaza Strip.

It’s a symbolic attack, of course, but in this case, it is an act of war.

Israel is trying to demonstrate its military might by using its military power to try and destroy the Palestinian resistance, in order for the West to know that the Palestinian people will never be able to fight against Israel again.

The military image of an animal as a means of demonstrating military power is also problematic.

In the 1970s, Israel used the “Lion of Ben Gurion,” a symbol which depicts a lion with wings, to attack Egyptian forces, but this is no longer used today.

The Israeli military also uses symbols to signal military success, like the lion and eagle, and they have also used images of lions and eagle in the past to show that Israel is a powerful military force.

This image of Israel’s military as a lion and the eagle, along with the lion’s tail, symbolizes that Israel has a strong military and the people of Israel support it.

The image of “Lions of Judah” in the West bank, as seen in the image of two Israeli soldiers standing next to the lion.

The IDF/Twitter account caption: The IDF is using the lion as an image of national strength in the region, and as a military symbol of Israel.

This lion image was taken in Hebron, the West Jerusalem neighborhood where Israeli settlers have been living since 1967.

It is one of the most widely seen images of Israel from the Gaza strip.

A lion symbol of Israeli powerA lion is also a popular symbol of Jewish power in other countries, too.

In Hungary, the country’s largest Jewish community, the symbol is a lion, which can be used by Hungarian politicians and their supporters to demonstrate their support for Israel.

In Sweden, the Jewish flag is used to represent the country, which has a large Jewish population.

In Austria, the swastika is also used by far-right groups to show their support.

A similar image of Hungary’s Hungarian government and the swastikas of its far-Right group, known as the Freedom Party, is used by supporters of Austrian far-Left party, the Left Party.

In these cases, Israeli and Turkish governments and their political leaders have used lion imagery to show the country as a powerful and stable power.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan both use the lion in public.

The images of the two leaders and the Israeli and Turks are meant to show a shared interest in the fight against terror, while also using the image to highlight the strong links between the two countries.

In fact, a study published in 2014 found that Israeli prime ministers and other politicians use the same lion image in public to highlight their commitment to a strong and stable military and security policy.

In some cases, the images have been used in order not to show any political conflict, but to show Israel’s commitment to security and the Jewish community.

A common symbol in Turkey and IsraelThe use of lion imagery is also common in Turkey.

In August 2017, the Turkish military issued a military directive, which was later banned by the Turkish


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