What happened to the FourFour Two podcast?

  • September 20, 2021

I’ve been listening to FourFour two since it launched in 2010, and I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time writing about it.

It has been a godsend to many a music lover and podcast fan, and its influence has been vast, including on podcasts like the Pod People and Pop Culture Podcasts, where it has helped to shape the landscape of podcasting.

I’m not alone.

With podcasts increasingly being produced on iPads, podcasts that were once on the desktop are now available on iOS, and the number of podcasts on mobile devices has exploded.

But the podcasts that have been there longest are the ones that have stuck with me.

The first podcast I ever subscribed to was on FourFour, back in the early days of podcast technology.

The podcast I remember subscribing to, in 2007, was called The FourFour Show.

At the time, I was an undergrad at the University of Queensland, and it was one of my first experiences with the internet.

I downloaded a free podcast and listened to it from an email list I had created on the university’s website.

I didn’t get into podcasts very much then, and they were still quite niche.

The podcast’s host, Brian Leech, is now the co-founder of the podcasting site Pop Culture, and he remembers the podcast as being a pretty weird place to be.

It had a few good shows, like The Simpsons, and there were some really good podcasts that didn’t have much to say.

But I remember hearing Brian Leach say: “Listen to this podcast.

It’s like you’ve been sucked into a magical world.

You’re being given a glimpse into something you might not have been expecting.”

After hearing this, I got into podcasts.

In hindsight, it’s amazing how little time and effort Brian Leache put into his podcast.

I think he probably spent around $2,000, which is an awful lot of money back then.

But Brian Leeches story still holds true: the idea that you could listen to a podcast and then watch it on the go and then have an experience, on the couch, with someone else, was just amazing.

I remember hearing this story on a podcast hosted by Brian Lech.

The host, Simon Groskopf, started by explaining that the first podcast was made by people at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation who were going out to dinner and listening to podcasts in the lounge.

He described it as “the first podcast in history to be recorded in a lounge”.

I listened to The FourTwo Show on the sofa.

I was just sitting there with the headphones on and listening, and suddenly it started to sound really good.

I remember looking at the microphone and thinking: “I want to record a podcast.”

It was just me and Simon Grotech, and after a few minutes of listening to the show, I had a really good feeling that I was going to be hooked.

I decided that I wanted to get in touch with Brian Lechaes show again and make an offer, and that’s when I asked him if he would do the same podcast on the iPad.

Brian Leahes show was recorded on an iPad.

The audio quality wasn’t great, but it was still better than what I was used to listening to on a laptop.

I had heard a lot of podcasts in that time, and this was the first time I really listened to them.

After listening to this show, Brian had a real sense of the technology and was really interested in how we could improve it.

I said, “What do you think about podcasting?”

He said, “‘I don’t know, I think I’ll do something a little bit different’,” and I said: “Why not?”

And we made that podcast.

Brian Leech had a great idea, but there was one problem with the idea: he didn’t know how to record podcasts.

I don’t think he even knew how to make an audio interface.

And then Brian Leaches show, in the years that followed, was recorded in front of a live audience.

I thought it was amazing that I could hear people in front at a live event, but Brian Leches podcast wasn’t recorded on a device that I had ever heard of.

The show was played for over six months on the Four4 Show.

The Four4 Podcast: The Podcasts That Changed the World was the culmination of Brian Leache’s efforts to improve his podcasting experience.

It took a while to get to where it is today, but the result is a podcast that is, for many, still a favourite of many listeners.

Brian was one half of the Four Four Show, and his podcast, along with a number of other podcast hosts, helped shape the podcast industry.

But there was a huge gap between Brian and me.

I would never consider myself an audio enthusiast, and Brian was completely focused on making a podcast.

So I had to find a way to bridge that gap, and when I found the answer


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