How to prevent wood bats from destroying your garden

  • September 9, 2021

In Australia, a team of scientists is using wood bats to help rid their land of toxic chemicals that kill many plants.

Wood bats, which are found throughout the southern hemisphere, have become an issue for many people because they can grow in a number of locations.

But in the past decade, scientists have noticed that these bats are also attracted to pesticides and other chemicals.

Now the team of Australian researchers, led by Dr Stephen D. Bove, has used wood bats as bait to help keep toxic substances out of the Australian landscape.

The bats have been used to collect toxic chemicals from plants and have also been used as bait in a study to study how to use the bats to eradicate invasive species.

Dr Bove and his colleagues used the wood bats collected by the scientists in a series of experiments, to find out how they can be used to remove toxins from the environment.

The team found that using wood bat bait helped to prevent toxic chemicals to enter the soil and water.

Dr Derek Lipsitz, a professor at the University of Queensland’s School of Biological Sciences, said the bats helped the scientists understand how to remove the chemicals from the soil.

“In many cases the toxicity of these compounds has been caused by the presence of toxins in the soil,” he said.

“We can use the wood bat to remove them from the surface of the soil, in addition to the water that the bats have absorbed from the plant.”

This is one of the most exciting applications we have seen in the field.

“Dr Boves team is now working on a study where wood bats are used to eliminate the harmful chemicals in the water.


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