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  • August 15, 2021

Hacker News, the social news website, recently announced that its new app, Hacker News for Android, would soon be available for all Android users.

The app is a curated feed of the most popular news articles from Hacker News users.

Hacker News allows users to filter out content that is inappropriate, or if they’re looking for specific news, they can choose which stories they want to read and which to skip.

“The app lets you quickly get up-to-the-minute news, videos, photos and videos, as well as popular events like sports games, concerts, weddings, and more,” Hacker News said in a statement.

“You can also bookmark content that you like to quickly scroll through.”

Hacker News is the first of many news apps coming to Android in the near future, with other news apps expected to arrive in the coming months.

For instance, NewsDos has just announced a new version of its popular news app that will soon be made available for Android.

The app was recently added to the Play Store, with Android users able to download it now.

NewsDot also plans to release a version of NewsDom that will let users browse news articles by topic.

Google is also developing an Android news app called Newsy that will also be made accessible to Android users in the future.

Newsy will allow users to choose topics to filter by, as the app will also offer an option to choose from a curated list of news articles.

The new Hacker News app will be available to download on March 28.

HackerNews for Android will not be available until later this year.


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