An unusual family of amphibians reveals their secrets as they hunt and feed off a lake

  • August 10, 2021

An unusual species of frog and its amphibian cousins have found their way to a freshwater lake in the Philippines.

The discovery by biologist and conservationist Jose Carlos Gallegos, an associate professor at the University of the Philippines and the Philippine Center for Biological Diversity, shows how amphibians have adapted to their changing habitats.

The new frogs are named Hylospora leucoides, or “little wood frogs” because they are wood frogs.

The frogs were found in the river, called Mokulag, which is home to a group of frogs known as the Hylas.

They were also found in a pond in the town of Cagayan, and are part of a species of amphibian called Hyloides that have been found in other parts of the world.

The Hylolids were discovered in the spring of 2015, and were later found on a nearby hill.

Galleges says that the Hymas are native to the Philippines, but are often found in waterfowl breeding grounds.

“They were just born in water and they have to go back to water to live,” Gallegas told ABS-CBN News.

“They have to have a place where they can grow up and have a natural habitat.”

The Hymus, or Hylus leucosa, are considered amphibians because they have a “belly button” that lets them burrow into soft clay and gravel.

The water that they eat is a mixture of freshwater and saltwater, which helps them digest their food.

The Hyloids have evolved to find this saltwater food, and Gallegs says that they do it by finding their own “biofeedback” by digging up saltwater.

“It is really good at finding food because they dig for saltwater,” he said.

The team found that the frogs were feeding on algae, which they consume through a specialized system called “aortic valve” that is located at the base of their heads.

Gallegas says that there is some controversy about the use of this “aerial valve” in water fowl breeding.

He says that many people have argued that it is used to prevent water from freezing during the winter months.

But the Hyleas are a very different species of frogs than the Hypellas.

“Their digestive system is very different, and their digestive system has adapted to a very cold environment,” GalLegas said.

“Their bodies are adapted to the colder temperatures.”

The team also found that they were eating algae that they could eat with their mouths.

This allows the frogs to feed on the algae by chewing on it.

The researchers are also trying to find out if the Hyles have a preference for certain types of algae, and if so, whether they can survive the harsh conditions they are being exposed to.

They are also looking for other species of Hyle, including the Hiesa, which are frogs with an extremely sensitive digestive system.


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