How to make your own Wood Fence panels

  • August 5, 2021

A new kind of wood fence panel will make your home look a whole lot more like a house!

Wood fences are pretty easy to make.

You just need a piece of plywood, some duct tape, and a piece that will stretch down a couple inches.

I’m using a small piece of wood from the garden for the base of my fence.

This wood is fairly flexible and will bend a bit, so it’s not really the most robust piece.

Once you get the base off, the wood will start to shrink and stretch out over the next several hours.

The only thing holding it together is the wood panel.

It won’t be sturdy, but it’s easy to put together and will be easy to clean.

After the panel is complete, the next step is to glue the panel to the wall.

For this, I’m using wood glue.

There are a lot of different kinds of wood glue, so you can choose the one that works best for you.

Start by making sure the base is flat.

If you’re using a piece from the floor, you should be able to make it look pretty much like the photo above.

Take the base and tape it down with duct tape.

With the tape taped down, carefully glue the wood to the wood base.

Make sure you don’t pull too much of the glue off.

Finally, glue the panels to the walls with a thin coat of glue.

The panels are fairly straight and there are no sharp edges or marks on them.

To secure the panels, glue a strip of duct tape over the edge of the panels.

Next, tape the panels down with another strip of tape.

This will keep them from moving around while you’re working.

Place the panels on the wall and make sure you’re done.

Here’s what your finished fence looks like.

My kids have been really interested in building their own wooden fences.

All you need is a small hole to cut the wood into, and some duct-tape to secure the strips to the top of the fence.

Here’s the finished fence.


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