How to install Burl wood look tile in Windows 10 with Windows Defender

  • July 18, 2021

Microsoft has announced the launch of a Windows 10 update for Windows Defender, one of the best security software in the market today.

The update, codenamed Burl, adds a new feature for Windows 10, which lets you quickly set a custom theme for your Windows Defender desktop and start using your existing wallpaper and desktop backgrounds.

The update will be rolling out to all users this week.

As the name suggests, Burl will allow you to use Burl to easily change the look of your Windows 10 desktop, and you’ll be able to do this by adding new wallpaper or desktop backgrounds to your Windows desktop.

You’ll have the option of adding the Burl theme to your wallpaper, as well as switching the desktop background and theme with a single click.

As for adding the new theme, you’ll only need to click on the “Set Theme” option in the Windows Defender Settings app, and select the Burls theme for the desktop.

This theme will then be installed on the desktop as an individual wallpaper, which can then be used by any app that has the Burly theme.

Once you’re done with the theme and you’re ready to install the Burll theme, just hit the “Add Theme” button in the settings app, which will bring up a dialog box with options to choose between Burl wallpaper, desktop background, and theme.

In addition to adding Burl themes, Windows Defender also introduces the new “Choose Burl” feature, which allows you to set a default wallpaper for your desktop.

The default theme will be applied to all Windows 10 PCs running the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, which includes Windows Defender.

Windows 10 Anniversary update is an incremental release that adds new features and fixes bugs, and is available to users who have installed Windows 10 Professional or above.

As of right now, the update is available for Windows PCs running Windows 10 Enterprise and above.


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